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This is a very different sexual “how-to”. There are no naked pictures, no explicit instructions involving whipped cream or plastic wrap. Instead there is a real-world, seven step protocol for increasing sexual functioning and well-being. I paraphrase liberally, and seriously understate the case, when I say that the seven steps are: get the facts, use your imagination, don’t negate basic instincts, adopt a healthy lifestyle, eat a sex-friendly diet, explore sacred sexuality, and keep ageism out of your sex life. I think that does, however, give you a good sense of what the book contains.

The Doctors Clement are both PhD’s, certified nutritionists, and naturopathic doctors. The book is filled with scientific research supporting the premises on which their practices rest. The “wellness spa” which they founded three decades ago has attracted hundreds of thousands of people. Their marriage has, to date, produced four children and two grandchildren. They write from experience, on every level.

The information in the book is cutting-edge, myth-busting, and provides answers to the questions that you might have been afraid to ask. What’s the thousand-pound gorilla in the lives of many baby boomers? Which modern therapeutic technique (described in detail in the book) has been successful in treating both erectile and orgasmic dysfunction? What commonplace New Age practice has proven very effective in improving sexual vitality? What fruit might turn out to be a natural Viagra? Why does iceberg lettuce enhance intimacy? What’s the best aphrodisiac? Those answers, and more, lie within the pages of this power-packed new book. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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