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Robert Graves’ The White Goddess might be considered the “bible” of paganism. While it remains important to a spiritual practice that now has an estimated two million followers, it is not a book that readily proffers its information and ideas to the reader. Mark Carter describes Graves’ masterwork as a “long hunt through his tangled woods”. He means no disrespect, however. To the contrary, he has invested much effort in making Graves’ ideas accessible to a broader audience. In many ways, this book is a “biography” of The White Goddess, although Carter also provides much insight into Graves as he dissects the book’s history. Carter puts it all into the context of post-WWII, explaining the metaphysical, mystical, and creative forces (many of which were influenced by The White Goddess) that took shape during that time.

The White Goddess was influential in forming many of our current ideas about ancient matriarchical societies and early paganism. A book like Stalking the Goddess is long overdue, and Mr. Carter deserves a big THANK YOU for finally bringing these insights into the roots of paganism, Wicca, and modern Goddess tradition into the real world. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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