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With the rise of blogging and digital self-publishing, more and more people are discovering their inner writers. It’s the perfect time for a book about the challenges, joys, and consequences of writing to enter the marketplace. Abercrombie has been teaching creative writing for three decades. She draws upon that background, as well as her experience as a successful author and editor, in order to offer others a glimpse into the world of writing and writers.

An interesting mix of insight, gossip, and motivation, each of the 365 one-page entries includes a quote from a famous writer (Stephen King, Richard Wilbur, Aristotle, Ray Bradbury, Isaac Bashevis Singer, Virginia Woolf, and E. B. White to name just a few). Ultimately, the book is intended to be empowering, and for those who are seriously applying themselves to the craft of putting words on paper, it is just that.

The inspiration-a-day structure works well for organizing the book. Thankfully Abercrombie gives no indication that she intends the segments to be followed in a strict linear fashion. As I write this review, I am over tired and having trouble concentrating on the task at hand. I picked up the book and let it fall open to Day 97. The page contains the story of a four-year-old giving Abercrombie a lesson about directness and getting to the point — okay — I like this book. I found it to be inspirational and encouraging as promised. I highly recommend it. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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