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The fictional world which H.P. Lovecraft created, known as the Cthulhu Mythos, resonates with such intensity and emotion that many believe the terrible creatures, secret dark knowledge, and terror-filled environments actually exist. A thriving industry based on Lovecraft’s books exists to this day. Born to two mentally unstable parents, Lovecraft’s childhood was an isolated world through which passed a long parade of eccentric adults. Books were a refuge and from an early age he was drawn to exotic worlds and the dark scenarios of writers such as Edgar Allen Poe. Never able to take care of himself, Lovecraft lived off the good will of a variety of women until his death at the age of 46. He wrote to please himself, which generated very little income during his lifetime but created a body of work which continues to gain new fans to this day.

Dr. Curren, bestselling Irish author and historian, has taken on the task of extensively chronicling the life and artistry of Lovecraft and his tormented inner world. In 340 pages, Curren skillfully dissects the Lovecraft legacy, detailing the intricacies of the man, his writing, and the generations of writers that he inspired. Whether your interest is the history behind one of the founders of modern horror fantasy, the psychology of a tormented genius, or an in-depth look at Lovecraft’s twisted, other-worldly realm and its horrifying cast of characters, this book is a labor of love that turns over every dark rock and walks down every scary pathway. It is a valuable contribution indeed. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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