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Barbara Parks began astral travelling and seeing spirit beings as a toddler. At the age of four, she was threatened by one of those spirits. As a result she became terrified of the other side and tried to shut down her clairvoyant abilities. Her struggle to contain the inhabitants of the other realms came to a head when she became a teenager and was beset with serious, violent poltergeist activity. The family’s move to the country, and Parks’ subsequent entry into university life, quieted the most disruptive visitors, and Parks moved into young adulthood with little interference. After launching a successful career, she moved into a charming 1930’s cottage and the ghostly encounters started up again. This time she decided to face them head on rather than try to suppress them. Her maturity, coupled with the unexpected death of a close friend, led her to reopen her clairvoyant abilities and begin a spiritual journey.

This is a lively and uplifting true story. It recounts Parks’ journey from victimization by lesser entities of the astral realm, to seasoned navigator and active participant in the unseen world. Her spiritual growth, as she wrestled trial-and-error style with her unharnessed psychic ability, is not only a fascinating adventure tale, but a terrific teaching tool for those who encounter phenomena which they don’t understand. The book is that rare combination — it’s a page-turner with a higher message. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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