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When Kris Bradley decided to practice Paganism, there were no Pagan groups readily accessible to her and there was no internet to use for research. She learned the old-fashioned way, by reading books. She incorporated what she learned into her daily life until Paganism became a true way of life. She started a blog, Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom, to share her creative practices with other people. Now, coming full circle, she has written a book so others can learn as she did in the beginning.

The book is intended for those who already have a working knowledge of Paganism, but there is plenty for beginners to discover on a first reading. There is also plenty of interesting information for those who are just curious. Did you know that … The Polish goddess Mokosz helps out with laundry chores when well disposed toward the laundress … Iron placed at the entrance to your home stops negativity from entering there … Cork represents festive get-togethers … Placing a superhero bandaid under a blue candle while you burn it draws protection … The Asian guardian Baku eats bad dreams and leaves good fortune in their place.

The book includes an international roster of domestic deities, lots of magical recipes, an in-depth herbal listing the magical properties and uses for about a hundred common herbs and food items, as well as several appendices of correspondences for quick reference.

As someone who’s read more than a few books on witchcraft, I found this one to be a page turner — and it’s fun! I’m thinking “holiday gift” for more than a few friends. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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