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This is the best psychotherapy book dealing with trauma which I have read in two decades. With degrees from the C. G. Jung Institute in Zurich and the University of Chicago, Van Eenwyk also has decades of experience both treating trauma survivors and teaching others to work with survivors. This book adds valuable insight into combining depth psychology and neuroscience in order to move clients beyond the defensive blocks that often stymie trauma recovery. To set the stage, he gives us the basics of archetypes, chaos theory, the paradox of defenses, and synaptic biochemistry. In the second half of the book, he puts it all into perspective by relating theory to practice with case studies that demonstrate his ideas.

There’s plenty of cutting-edge science for those who are interested in that. For those who aren’t, there is metaphor and analogy to make everyday sense of it all. The bottom line is that in order to facilitate trauma recovery, the conscious mind and the unconscious mind need to be working in harmony instead of at cross purposes. It’s a simple agenda but one which is highly complex to execute. Van Eenwyk has given us a very understandable and comprehensive roadmap for navigating that tricky terrain. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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