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Jeremy P. Tarcher/Penguin

“Unearth the golden nuggets of your mind one by one.” That’s the advice Anthony Norvell offers readers. He offered that advice for decades, in the living rooms of the rich and famous, and in his weekly lectures at New York’s Carnegie Hall. In The Million Dollar Secret Hidden in Your Mind he tells readers to fill their brains with good ideas instead of fear. The magic of the book is that by the time you get halfway through it, Norvell has convinced you that it’s possible. Once he has people’s attention, he zeros in on the techniques that bring the golden nuggets into the light, as well as the self-created obstacles that stand in their way.

One of the most successful motivational speakers in America, Norvell writes energetically, with very modern clarity and forcefulness. This book was written in 1963 but his ideas make as much sense today as they did decades ago. It’s a confidence pick-me-up, a feel-good read, and a very worthwhile investment of both time and money. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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