Transform-A-Poem™ Number Thirteen

Where has my luck gone?
I can’t find it any where.

I took it for granted for so long.
Did it slip away while I wasn’t looking?

Has someone else wooed it away
… by paying more attention
… making a bit of a fuss?

I used to move easily
… from one step to another
… with no wasted energy.

Then one day everything I tried to do
… required double effort.

The say that when you are asleep
… blind to Universal Truth
… you are protected by Grace.

When you know the Law
… you are on your own
… every misstep is magnified
… to be sure you understand.

Has my luck abandoned me?
Or am I being schooled?

If I learn enough
… will my luck come back?

Or is it better to walk each step
… on my own?

Copyright © 2009 Anna Jedrziewski

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