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TThis is a very down-to-earth how-to which will be especially helpful to the solitary pagan practitioner, as well as to those who want to begin creating their own creative earth-honoring traditions. There is lots of useful information. For instance, do you know that most chopsticks are the same size as US size 9 knitting needles? Or what can be used in place of expensive art brushes? Do you know what really comprises glass pearls, Herkimer diamonds, and soudé emeralds — or the difference between essential oils and hydrosols?

The book is a mixed-media feast of simple techniques that can be used to create elegant, magical tools that will make terrific gifts as well as treasured personal objects. Create your own “Book of Shadows”, magical wand, trinket pouch, offering dish, or runes. Make beautiful jewelry, unique accessories, custom bath and beauty mixes, and decorative items for the home. There are tips for finding like-minded craftspeople in your local community, as well as a list of online communities to join. There is a month-by-month crafters guide with the symbolism, related materials, and celebrations for each month. There’s even a chapter dedicated to items made with recycled materials — how better to honor the earth.

The is a must-have resource for every pagan’s book shelf and it will be a perfect gift for your hands-on, eco-sensitive friends. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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