Books of Interest— Making Your Creative Mark

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Are you in the habit of mentally bad-mouthing yourself?

That’s the first thing Eric Maisel is going to ask you to stop doing in this, the latest of a long line of successful books about creativity. The book is written for creative professionals (and soon-to-be creative professionals) but readers from all walks of life will garner valuable tips about adding passion, confidence, and vision to their lives and career.

Maisel has distilled the essence of his decades-long creative coaching into nine “Keys”. Each Key is discussed in simple terms, illustrated with case studies, and activated with understandable directives. Covering topics like mind sets, stress, relationships, and societal influences, he gives readers everything they need to begin changing their lives and careers for the better. Empowering, realistic, and empathetic, the book speaks to the readers inner blocks as well as to their desires.

As difficult as competing in a creative profession is, it is nothing compared to the self-imposed challenges most of us struggle with. Want to free yourself from yourself? Making Your Creative Mark will tell how to start  working toward, and sustain, that objective. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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