Books of Interest — The Wild Medicine Solution

Healing Arts Press

Are you overwhelmed at the thought of giving up “convenience” foods?

Most of us are. Our increasingly busy lives make food planning seem more and more like a tiresome chore. Guido Masé is hoping to help restore a reverence for how and what we eat. Specifically he is asking readers to look at consciously adding aromatics, bitters, and tonics to our diet to increase energy and prevent disease.

Part scientist, part folklorist, and part clinical herbalist, Masé has put together an amazing overview of the use of wild plants for medicinal purposes, followed up with inventive recipes, formulas for teas and tinctures, and guidelines for safely incorporating these dynamic plants into our daily lives. While he imparts lots of academic information, he manages to do so in a conversational, sometimes even lyrical, tone. The book is very readable.

For those who are overwhelmed by the large amount of information, I suggest turning to the section on CHOCOLATE. Do a quick read through of all the health benefits of cacao, then make yourself a cup of Mayan hot chocolate, breathe deeply as your blood pressure lowers, and wait for that blissful chocolate feeling to kick in.

A natural adjunct to the current real food movement, this book is a resource you’ll want to return to again and again. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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