Transform-A-Poem™ Number Seventeen

Life seems out of control
There is too much happening
… at the same time.

There is no sense of predictable order.
Things keep changing without warning.
What should be stable is in constant flux.

The changes that are desired
… will not occur.
Nothing will affect them.

If one is no longer master of her fate
… how will she survive?

If we cannot read the signs
… and know what will happen next
… how will we protect ourselves?

We must disregard the impressions
… that are external.
The only true signposts lie inside.

Our ears must learn to hear
the no-sound
… and follow its call to the only destination.

Don’t think about what’s changing.
Listen for the vibration
.. that comes from beyond,

There is a certainty
… that must be absorbed.

There is an unknown oneness
… that transcends chaos.

There is us
… past, present, future
… together.

Copyright © 2009  Anna Jedrziewski

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