Books of Interest — Breakfast for Dinner

Quirk Books

Has the fun gone out of your food?

Put it back in by making dinner a homage to breakfast. Husband and wife team Landis and Hackbarth (visit their blog have raised comfort food to a whole new level. With recipes like Steak & Eggs Benedict, Italian-Style Stuffed French Toast, Goat Cheese Monte Cristos, Greek Baked Eggs, Cornmeal Pancakes with Beer-Braised Short Ribs, Pizza Over Easy, Huevos Rancheros Tacos, Breakfast Sausage Ravioli, Parmesan Beignets, Moroccan Chicken Cinnamon Rolls, Donut Fudge Sundaes and Mint Chocolate Chip Pancakes, it’s impossible not to want to start cooking immediately.

Despite the highly creative and sophisticated concepts, the recipes are relatively simple, with non-threateningly brief lists of non-exotic ingredients. Advanced techniques, like making your own pasta dough, are few and far between. When they do appear, they are well explained and illustrated. I collect cookbooks. I’m not an easy sell. I love this one. If you purchase it as a gift, buy two copies because it won’t be that easy to part with it once you’ve seen it. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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