Transform-A-Poem™ Number Twenty-One

The old skin no longer fits.
It’s time to let it go.
What if I’m not ready?

It’s time to pick a new direction.
I am tired of treading the path I’m on.
What if I’m not ready?

There is nothing more to be learned here.
I need new challenges.
What if I’m not ready?

The world around me has become fuzzy.
It’s time to seek a clearer vantage point.
What if I’m not ready?

The not-being-ready surrounds me.
Inertia sneaks in through the fog.
I don’t want to be ready.

It’s time to be ready.
Ready or not.
What if …

The struggle becomes frustrating.
Here I come.
Ready or …

Copyright © 2010 Anna Jedrziewski

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