Book Review — The Magic of Flowers

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Do you make the most of the flowers in your life?

Snap Dragons will send a curse or hex back to the sender. Roses clear the mind and enhance meditation and yoga practice. Oleander helps heal lingering emotional wounds. Lantana can be used in exorcisms.

After spending years wishing for a book about the magical properties of flowers, intuitive counselor and energy worker Tess Whitehusrt finally decided to write one herself. She began by going straight to the source. She spent time with flowers, sitting with them, listening to them, sensing their vibrations. She heard the wisdom which each blossom contained for herself, then she searched the literature for additional insight and confirmation. The result is a richly-detailed compendium of seventy-eight flowers and the magical properties they contain, plus magical correspondences, rituals, and remedies. Whitehurst encourages readers to add to her work with explorations of their own and offers tips for how best to do that.

This is a delightful book which will move your enjoyment of flowers to a new level and increase their special sparkle in your life. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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