Acrobats of God

Reprinted from New Age Retailer with permission


Acrobats of the Gods: Dance and Transformation
Joan Dexter Blackmer
$25 (P), ISBN 978-0-919123-38-0
Inner City Books

The author of this book, a trained modern dancer and Jungian therapist, is uniquely qualified to explore the relationship between physical development and the development of self/Self, as well as the use of physical movement to channel divine energy. Using dancers and dance training, she explores the connection between the body and the psyche and the ability to reach a transcendent balance. (“When I was studying analytical psychology and learned that Jung felt a third world war might be avoided if enough people could stand the tension of the opposites within themselves, I was reminded of this difficult work to achieve balance within my own body.”)

Because the subject is dance, the issues of dance as an expression of men’s idealized version of women versus women’s natural sense of themselves is a prime topic: “Even now it is difficult for an individual woman to make her own way — to find herself — in the forest of anima projections which grasp for her ankles like the tangle roots and vines of a primeval forest. A man’s unconsciousness of his inner feminine side, coupled with a woman’s weak consciousness of herself, weaves an almost impenetrable thicket similar to the one surrounding Sleeping Beauty’s castle. The time has come for a path to be opened through the thicket.”

I am generally a big fan of Inner City Books. This one did not disappoint. A serious study within the field of depth psychology, it is written plainly and in language a non-therapist can easily understand. I consider it a must read for yoga instructors, sports trainers, and physical therapists.

Anna Jedrziewski
Spirit Connection New York

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