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Jeremy P. Tarcher/Penguin

Ann Bolinger-McQuade was taught to recognize shapes in everyday objects by her father. He would make his morning toast come alive with images and stories as he ate it. It was no surprise when he appeared to her in a cloud shortly after his death. This book is not only her personal story but also a manual for readers interested in opening up their intuitive abilities and applying them to daily living.

Moving beyond the sometimes inscrutable language of last century’s metaphysicians and shamans, Bolinger-McQuade brings “psychic” into the 21st century and puts it in the hands of mainstream people. She tells us where to look for intuitive information (mirrors, signs and symbols, birds and animals, synchronicities, etc.). She offers basic instruction on how to become more aware of messages sent from the Divine and how to quiet the chatter from the left-brain that often interferes with recognizing and interpreting those messages. She draws on her Native American ancestry and other native traditions to provide a foundation for the techniques she is teaching. She also traces the history of oracles from modern day back to ancient times.

If you’ve been wanting to know more about messages from another realm but have been put off by the elaborate trappings surrounding many metaphysical systems, this is the book for you. Familiar, supportive, and positive in message, Everyday Oracles is written directly and in simple language. The power of the book comes from the personal anecdotes of people comforted, protected, and nurtured by loving presences which are closer than most of us realize. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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