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Faerie Facts and Fictions!

My friend Jo Ellen Gorris, who hosts my Faerie Tours in her Clay in the Garden studio, gifted me with a copy of this book. It is a special treasure. John Matthews has compiled a wealth of faerie history, not just from familiar European sources, but from Asian, African, Indian, and Arabian folklore as well. He includes a Who’s Who of Faeries, and a thorough overview of faerie spells, songs, favorite places, healings, blessings, curses, and even recipes.

Matt Dangler’s bold and engaging illustrations are augmented by the drawings, paintings, and photographs (some of them dating back hundreds of years) of other artists, making the book a visual treat.

This is not the Disney version. Matthews’ faeries are forces to be reckoned with. Will you be brave enough to seek them out after you learn the truth?  SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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