Books of Interest — The Meaning of the Mark

Jeremy P. Tarcher/Penguin

Are you ready to change your life?

Originally published in 1931, The Meaning of the Mark was written in order to add insight into the symbolism and instruction in Ray Herbert Jarrett’s first publication — It Works. It Works, a thirty-page pamphlet, has sold more than a million copies and continues to sell to this day. Five years after he published it, Jarrett decided that it was time to share the additional awareness he had gained into the text and the symbol of the cross and the square that appeared on the cover.

The plan outlined in both books is simple in its design and application. The correct practice of its content is slightly more complex. Human behavior is not easily reprogrammed. The analytical part of the brain does not easily relinquish authority to the knowing part of the brain. Aligning desire with intention, overcoming doubt, and remembering to be grateful are skills that require work. These are some of the things which Jarrett explains to his readers in The Meaning of the Mark.

The original three-step plan for making dreams come true from It Works is recapped within this follow up treatise. The key to successful utilization of the plan, spelled out and elaborated upon, is contained within the pages. It is a very worthwhile investment indeed. Kudos to Tarcher/Penguin for bringing it back into circulation. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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