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Freud vs. Jung — have you picked a side?

With modern psychotherapy in a state of ideological crisis, it’s not an idle question. A thorough evaluation of the basic principles upon which psychotherapy was built has brought to light serious flaws in the foundation.

Anthony Stevens takes us back to the beginning and gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the unfolding of it all. In Volume I, he begins with the father of psychoanalysis and the disciple who dared to break away from him. It turns out that Freud’s stellar placement in history had as much to do with his charismatic marketing skills as it did with scientific research. In order to build his empire and preserve his legacy, he tolerated no dissent. As a result, Carl Jung was forced to step out of his shadow and fully utilize his own skills. He opened the locked door of psychoanalysis so that others could head off along new pathways as well.

Stevens recounts it all with credibility, humor, and clarity. At a time when the psychotherapeutic profession is redefining itself, his writing puts it all in perspective. The book is easy to read and highly engaging. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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