Book of Interest — Lemons and Lavender

Viva Editions

Can eco-friendly be fun?

The way Billee Sharp tells it, it can be. The elegant cover on the book belies the commonsense with which she passes on her considerable knowledge about reducing our environmental footprint while saving money and living a more meaningful life. She offers tips for replacing toxic household products with natural mixtures, for reducing the electric bill, for free-cycling and bartering, for growing our own food and then cooking it healthily, and even for creating our own art. All of it is simple enough for most people to realistically accomplish. Instructions are complete and yet concise.

The recipes at the end are worth the price of the book. She begins with back-to-basics like canning, pickling, and making sourdough starter and yogurt. Then adds good, healthy recipes for everything from soup to dessert, with a special section for holiday foods.

Enthusiastic, friendly, and confidant that everyone can live better, Sharp has written a great guidebook to a greener life. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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