Book of Interest — The Qabalah Workbook for Magicians

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What will you find in the sephiroth?

After failing to reconcile an ecstatic experience within her Catholic faith, Anita Kraft began a search for insight and guidance which eventually brought her to modern Gnosticism, practical magic, and the Qabalah. After reading everything she could find about Qabalah, she began putting what she had learned into practice, creating her own methods for practicing the ancient, esoteric Jewish tradition. Now she is passing what she developed onto readers.

Kraft is a teacher. She has finely-honed communication skills and she has called upon all of those skills in order to put this workbook together. Qabalah is often perceived as a complicated subject. Kraft has worked hard to dispel that idea. Well-organized and very readable, her guide to becoming a practical qabalist is filled with easily-accessible information designed to be put into practice. She sends readers in search of their own Qabalistic discoveries and insights, and she provides us with a very solid foundation from which to work. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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