Books of Interest — Mixing Essential Oils for Magic


Do you know which plants draw money and which enhance love?

Sandra Kynes charted her own course through the woods of Druidic paganism. Her guiding star was her desire for knowledge — knowledge about the rituals, tools, and correspondences associated with the natural spiritual path.

In this case her pursuit of knowledge was directed at the use of plant oils/essences for magical purposes, and she uncovered a wealth of information, historical and intuitive, on the subject.

Part One of the book covers the history of collecting, blending, and using essential oils. Part Two contains over a hundred pages of condensed information about specific essences, including a brief description, blending information, magical uses, and correspondences. There are five appendices of cross-references for the oils, a glossary, an extensive bibliography, and lots and lots of charts for easy review. There’s plenty of information for everybody, no matter what your interest. Whether you just want to look up the magical characteristics of your favorite flowers and spices, or begin creating your own special blends, this book will tell you everything you need to know. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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