Book of Interest — Birthing a New Civilization

Findhorn Press

Are you ready for the Fifth Dimension?

One of the most beloved and revered names in Ascension theology, Diana Cooper has pulled together a definitive overview of the topic, and has forecasted major global changes which she expects will highlight the twenty years from the 2012 to 2032. This period, she tells readers, marks the culmination of humanity’s rise to Fifth-Dimension Consciousness.

Relying on information from spirit entities (including guides, angels, and elementals), Cooper offers readers a review of the five golden ages which planet Earth has experienced since its inception. She tells us that we are currently moving into the Sixth Golden Age and goes into detail about the related events that have already occurred, as well as events which will occur in the next few decades. She introduces us to master teachers and archangels that are overseeing this great human enlightenment and provides exercises and visualizations to help readers access the information that is being provided. She ends the book with a twelve-page plan for maximizing our reception and utilization of the new energies which are entering our planet and our energy fields.

Cooper’s fans will be delighted with this review of her channeled wisdom. Those who have been wondering what Ascension is all about will find the answers they have been looking for in this complete and very readable book. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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