Book of Interest — The Tradition of Household Spirits

Inner Traditions

Do you know where your ancestral spirits are?

Claude Lecouteux has put his scholarly wisdom of the Middle Ages to transcendental use as he continues to explore the magical and mischievous world of elves, dwarfs, fairies,and haunted houses. In this book he is looking at the Old World tradition of House Spirits. How does a home acquire helpful spirits? Where and how should a home be built to maximize the attraction of benevolent other-worldly forces? How can you tell if spirits in your home mean you well or ill? Can you take your favorite house spirits with you when you move? These are all things Lecouteux covers, drawing on folklore, herbals, medieval art, grimoires, and poetry to do so.

While there is much in this book that is lyrical and exotic, it is a serious study of the tradition of spirit life within a household. In the end Lecouteux makes the point that as modern families give up their attachment to place, they are also losing powerful ethereal presences that energize not only buildings but also generations of people. It’s a very interesting read. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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