Valley of Diamonds

Reprinted from New Age Retailer with permission


Valley of Diamonds: Adventures in Number and Time with Marie-Louise von Franz
J. Gary Sparks
$30 (P) 978-1-894574-28-0
Inner City Books

This is a book about a book. It’s also a book about the development of Jungian psychology and its legacy. Towards the end of his career, Jung started exploring the relationship between the human psyche, physics, and synchronicity. He began to suspect that numbers played a major role in that relationship. He also realized that it was an exploration he would not be able to execute with any kind of thoroughness in his remaining lifetime. So he passed that “diamond” on to his associate, Marie von Franz, and she readily accepted it. The result was her 1974 book, Number and Time. Now, one of her students, J. Gary Sparks, is giving us a detailed explorable of Number and Time. Valley of Diamonds is not light reading but it will be of great value to therapists, counselors, healing practitioners, and creatives who are looking for a greater understanding of the Jungian foundations of their work.

Anna Jedrziewski
Spirit Connection New York

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