Book of Interest — Plant Spirit Medicine

Sounds True

What do plants want to tell you?

Deep in the Amazon, the indigenous people will tell you that in order for a plant to heal you, the spirit of the plant must come to you in a dream and tell you how to use it. We live in a world that doesn’t often make time for those kind of wisdom teachings. Cowan, who has worked with many shamans and healers, is committed to leaving a record of what is being lost. Since he began this work in 1991, circumstances have changed for the better a bit. Now, with this new edition of his book, he is more hopeful that the value of these teachings will be recognized and preserved.

Through the pages of the book, you will meet many people and enjoy a narrative of healing, hope, and transcendent connection with nature. You will not find herbal treatments for disease or other-worldly diagnostic techniques. In addition, Cowan tells us that living fully, not preventing death, is the goal. You will learn how to recognize and engage plant life that wishes to speak with you, how to use dream states to receive communication from plant spirits, and how pilgrimages bring us in touch with these sacred teachings.

This is a magical journey, told very descriptively and with great reverence and love. It is a story about repairing the web of life — on this side and the other. The best news is that we can practice these ancient teachings in our own backyards or with the herb gardens on our kitchen window sills. Cowan tells us how to do that. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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