Book of Interest — The Practice of Greater Kan and Li

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Can you enter the Wu Wei state?

This latest collaboration between Mantak Chia and Andrew Jan begins with a history of the Kan and Li practice, starting with its roots in early shamanism, moving into the Philosophical Taoism of Lao-tzu, through Religious Taoism, External Alchemy,. Internal Alchemy, and finally arriving at modern Taoist practices.

Greater Kan and Li exercises are categorized as advanced study, but the text has been very well-thought-out.The foundation principles of the practice are explained in very clear and precise terms. The basics of the Eight Pillars of Health, the Five Elements, The Eight Forces, Trigrams, Immortality, Magical Powers, Astral Flight, and Animal and Plant Symbolism,  are all put into understandable terms for easy access. Comparisons are made with familiar systems like Astrology and Yoga, even Christian teachings, so that as many people as possible will find a comfortable door into these extraordinary teachings. After detailed instruction for the advanced exercises, there is a section entitled Home Practice, which offers less experienced readers a realistic starting point. The book is designed so that readers can begin learning this powerful system regardless of their level of skill.

Master Chia spent most of his early life studying with Taoist masters all over the East. He absorbed and preserved ancient wisdom that might otherwise have been lost. For decades now he has been sharing that information with others, teaching teachers, and inviting co-authors to bring additional perspective to what he knows. The power of his system is that it encourages participation in society. Followers are encouraged to live in the day-to-day world, not to isolate with like-minded people. This latest book is a standout among a vast library of worthwhile reading. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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