Book of Interest—Pagan Portals: Fairy Witchcraft

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Can you recognize a fairy cat?

Morgan Daimler has interacted with Fairies since she was a small child. She views them three-dimensionally, not as the limited New Age/media-interpreted versions that many of us are familiar with. She sees them as they are with their full range of emotions and motivations. Telling it like it is, she recounts her system of Fairy Witchcraft, based on decades of personal experience. She goes back to the roots of Celtic pagan wisdom to put it all into perspective, but it’s clear that the information she conveys is not from “book learning”. It comes from contact with the Fey Folk themselves.

This very personal recollection has a special air of enchantment about it. As one reads, it becomes clear that Daimler not only has personal experience with the Wee Folk, she has been completely charmed by them. She has not, however, been deluded by “pixie-led glamour”. She just likes these ethereal creatures, warts and all.

The book contains lots of rituals, correspondences, and magical tools. The interweaving of modern witchcraft with fairy lore makes for a special experience and Daimler opens the door for us to join her in that world. Fun to read … Full of information … Complete with in-depth references at the end … This is a gift from the fairy realms indeed, delivered by one of their biggest fans.  SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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