Book of Interest—The Nonprofit Fundraising Solution


Is it time to finetune your fundraising strategy?

If you’re stuck at a plateau and haven’t been able to budge from there, then Laurence Pagnoni suggests that it is. Finetuning nonprofits is what he does. He’s got a proven track record. Now he’s offering readers the basics of how he does it. From fairly obvious ideas like recruiting fundraising specialists for the Board of Directors (easier said than done) to more complex strategies like diversifying within a single fundraising strategy rather than expanding the number of different fundraising strategies used, every idea he puts forth is discussed clearly and with plenty of backup information.

There are lots of web resources included, and strategies are spelled out with complete, step-by-step instructions. Each chapter has a really short summary at the end. (I read the summaries first, then read the chapter.)

Pagnoni tells readers in the Introduction that the book covers Contributed Income only. (Fees-for-Service Income is not his area of expertise.) Just as well. The 224 pages in the book are chocked full of plenty of information on the topic of fundraising. Most readers, unless they’re already experts in the field themselves, will find this to be a terrific resource and more than enough information to process and put into practice. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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