The Modern Dad’s Dilemma


The Modern Dad’s Dilemma: How to Stay Connected with Your Kids in a Rapidly Changing World
John Badalament
$14.95 (P), ISBN 978-1-57731-660-2
New World Library

Badalament is an educational consultant with a graduate degree from Harvard. Whether he was working in private schools, prisons, or public libraries, he heard men saying that they want to be more supportive and connected fathers.

Drawing on his relationship with his own father, he’s spent the last several years focusing on what that means and how the vision can become reality. He’s come up with three qualities necessary to achieve that goal. First is self-knowledge, understanding how the past shapes the future. Second is courage; caretaking requires vulnerability and the risk of failing and being seen as “unmanly.” Third is adaptability; traditional parental roles are changing and parents must change with them. Badalament has had the self-knowledge, courage, and adaptability to step to the forefront in the discussion of how fathers can be more effective parents. He is working to help men build a bridge from past models of fatherhood to the vision of fatherhood which more and more men hold for themselves. Consistently, more men than women attend his lectures and participate actively in discussions, something he was warned would never happen.

In addition to the discussion about what it takes to be a modern, connected father and a series of exercises to help men assess themselves and their progress as fathers, there are interviews with fathers and grandfathers, including one with Saturday Night Live creator Lorne Michaels.
Just in time for Fathers’ Day, this book has a niche all its own.

Anna Jedrziewski
New York, NY

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