Book of Interest—Refuge Recovery


Have you freed your heart?

Refuge Recovery outlines a recovery program which is based on a non-theistic foundation. While not contradictory to AA and the Twelve Steps, it uses different language and focuses on the issues surrounding addiction and recovery through a different lens. For those who struggle with traditional Judeo-Christian terminology, it offers an alternative anchored in spirituality but which is not faith-based.

The Refuge Recovery protocol relies on the Buddhist Path to Enlightenment but requires no experience of or allegiance to Buddhism. It requires meditation, soul searching, mindfulness, and community. It asks addicts of all kinds to think about the differences between recovery and renunciation, wanting to have things and having to have them, and selfish motivation versus altruistic motivation.

Mentored by Jack Kornfield, Levine has become a respected teacher of Buddhism and speaks with authority and experience as he reassures readers that the Refuge Recovery protocol will lead them to a life of self direction and self esteem. He offers no illusions about the hard work that recovery will require. Instead he lets readers know that recovery is possible and provides very clearly written instructions for how to achieve it. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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