Book of Interest—Angels of Abundance

Hay House

Are you accessing your full potential for abundance?

The Angel Lady and her son, Grant, have created another great product which merges psychology and angelology. This time they are dealing specifically with manifesting abundance. Grounded in the real world, their advice lifts readers sight above the fray and into the divine realms.

They cover all the bases including asking for help, coping with duality, avoiding jealous energy, tips for raising your energy level, Divine contracts, focusing tools, allowing yourself to receive, and even how to release past life vows of poverty.
They have included special guided meditations at the end of the book to help readers find their way into the positive vibration that will ensure their abundant success.

This is another triumph for Virtue. I am a fan since she released Constant Craving in the mid-1990’s. Once again she has lived up to my expectations. SHOP FOR THE BOOK ( received a free copy of this book.)

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