Book of Interest—The All-Day Energy Diet

Hay House

Are you tired of being tired?

Suddenly, the world is overflowing with holistic nutrition books. The good news is that unlike the world of miracle weight loss diets, there seems to be a growing consensus, backed up by scientific research, about what and how we should eat to be healthy.

What separates these new books is the perspective from which the author presents the information. Yuri Elkaim’s perspective is clearly founded in his personal story. As an energetic teenager and athlete, he was really thrown for a loop when he began losing energy — and his hair! It was a naturopathic doctor who pointed him in the direction of real, sustained healing. He became a believer and is now devoting his time to helping others access the miracle that restored his physical and psychological well-being.

In this book he explains it all, in very specific detail, but in language that makes it easy to understand. He tells us how the body works, including digestive damage and repair, hormone imbalances, adrenal fatigue, and that general “sluggishness” that so many of us live with. He provides a 7-Day Energy Reset (including recipes) to jump start healing. The last part of the book tackles other lifestyle issues which impact our ability to process foods effectively. He covers stress reduction techniques, healthy exercise, and creating a mindset that helps our bodies work correctly.

This one has it all, clear, complete, and written from the heart. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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