The Big Book of Christian Mysticism

Reprinted from New Age Retailer with permission


The Big Book of Christian Mysticism: The Essential Guide to Contemplative Spirituality
Carl McColman
$21.95 (P), ISBN 978-1-57174-624-5
Hampton Roads

Not many people think of mysticism as a Christian tradition. The author calls it Christianity’s best kept secret. His intent in writing the book is not just to set the record straight, however. His wish is to bring mystical practice into the light and make it accessible to larger numbers of people. He acknowledges the best-known aspects of mystical tradition: references in the New Testament, the mystical experiences of the saints, and the better-known writings of everyone from the early church fathers to more modern mystics like Evelyn Underhill.

The author is, however, a spiritual director and lay associate of a Cistercian Monastery in Georgia. His primary focus is in the present and among people. He understands that most people do not benefit from either the fantastical worlds or the academic towers generated by the exploration of Christian mysticism. His belief is that mysticism founded in love and common sense is capable of changing people’s lives. The book is written with that objective in mind.

The potential audience for this one is broad, incorporating both non-religious seekers and those in established religious traditions who wish to expand their religious experience. The author has practiced what he preaches so he speaks with authority, compassion, and hope for our collective future.

Anna Jedrziewski
Spirit Connection New York

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