Notes From the Edge Times

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Notes From the Edge Times
Daniel Pinchbeck
$23.95 (H), ISBN 978-1-58542-837-3
Jeremy P. Tarcher/Penguin

In the late 90’s, Daniel Pinchbeck sought relief from personal unhappiness by researching the use of psychotropic plants in indigenous cultures. It resulted in his first book, Breaking Open the Head. His next book, 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl, explored prophecy and in particular the famous Classical Mayan Calendar. Because of these topics a somewhat sensational, even doomsday, aura has been projected onto Pinchbeck. Notes From the Edge Times will go a long way to separate fact from fiction regarding this intellectual visionary and activist. The book contains a series of essays written over the last four years. They spell out exactly what Pinchbeck has come to believe, as well as the process that lead to those beliefs.

Pinchbeck is a compassionate, informed, and literate voice of sanity, speaking out of the chaos of a rapidly changing world. The book contains a message of hope — within a warning. Pinchbeck believes that harnessing psychic energy (and applying it to the challenges of the modern world) could create global transformation quickly enough to turn around the seemingly inevitable decline of earth and its inhabitants. Customers who are looking to escape the negatively-charged speculations about the future of the planet will welcome this intelligent discussion of the possibility for positive change. The book ends with a chronicle of the death of Pinchbeck’s father and its emotional impact on him. It gives the reader a sense of closeness to, and affection for, this cutting-edge philosopher.

Anna Jedrziewski
Spirit Connection New York

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