Book of Interest—Christian Mythology

Inner Traditions

What did Jesus really do?

Thoroughly researched and dense with information, this book sheds light on the origins of Christian holidays, saints, and even the life of Jesus. There has been much discussion in recent decades about what is fact (and what is poetic license) in the familiar stories about early Christianity. Professor Walter takes it all a step further as he documents the evidence supporting the theory that much of Christianity was merged into existing pagan ritual and symbolism. He explains how the need to bring pagan worshippers into the new religion superceded the need to accurately record historical events.

Some readers might be distressed by these revelations, but I think most of you will be intrigued to unravel the mysterious roots of one of the world’s major spiritual traditions. For many New Consciousness readers it will be a relief to find out that the religion in which they were raised is actually tied to natural cycles and common transcendent experiences after all. I highly recommend this book for its insight and attention to detail. It certainly gives readers much to think about. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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