Book of Interest—Strangeling

Blue Angel Publishing

What do you see in the eyes?

If you’re a fan of tarot decks or faeries, you’re probably already a fan of fantasy artist Jasmine Becket-Griffith. If so, like me, this book will be special treat for you. Page after page of Becket-Giffith’s emotive doe-eyed waifs, interrupted only occasionally by narrative and poetry provided by her two sisters, is almost overwhelming. If you’re new to this artist, it could be life-changing.

From the mysterious bejeweled, multi-armed, blue-tinged goddess in Druga and Tiger to the sullen glare in Painting the Roses Red, one after another of Becket-Giffith’s creations reaches out from the pages and draws us into her world. In addition to great beauty, there are lots and lots of quirky twists, like a nail through a hand-held heart, smiling skeletons, gas masks, and flying fish. Toward the center of the book, is an uncharacteristic winged Owlyn who gives center stage to one of the most intense owls I’ve ever seen. I’ll be going back to this one over and over. I can’t wait to see what Becket-Griffith does next. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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