Book of Interest—Brigid


What can Brigid do for you?

The history of the Celts is shrouded in mystery, as is their “Exalted One”, Brig. The Celts left no written history, so their story is told by neighbors, visitors, and conquerors. The Exalted One, passed on most frequently as Brigid, became one of the survival stories as the Romans, and later Christianity, swept over Celtic lands. Sainted by the Christian church (a testimony to her power as a deity), Brigid was eventually carried to the Caribbean where she became a vital part of Voodoo culture.

This book, a true labor of love for Courtney Weber, is as definitive a history as is possible with the evidence left behind. Her modern pagan practice provides her insight into the story that is missing in strictly academic accounts.

She cautions readers not to engage this powerful Goddess lightly. For those who are brave enough to take on the challenge, she includes meditations, rituals, spells, sacred objects, and, of course, magical potions. It’s a great read with lots of practical information. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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