Book of Interest—Healing Wisdom of Mary Magdalene

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Who really wrote the Gospel of John?

The idea that the Gospel of John is actually a record of the oral teachings of Mary Magdalene is growing in popularity. More and more people are accepting the thought that she was an important figure in the early Christian movement, and may indeed have taught along side Jesus as an equal.

A visit to a cave in Provence provided Jack Angelo with the experience of sensing Mary Magdalene’s presence and opened the door to the pursuit of her wisdom teachings. A lifelong seeker on the shamanic path, he combined his intuitive encounter with scholarly research in order to better understand her role in the early history of Christianity.

In this book, Angelo not only recounts his pursuit of the real Mary Magdalene, he also takes readers through the Fourth Gospel, revealing the layers of wisdom which he has found within the text. In the last part of the book, he helps readers to connect with the lessons that are found there and explore them further on their own.

It is an interesting perspective on both early Christianity and the resurgence of the feminine aspects of spirituality (heart-centered wisdom). It will be an especially valuable tool for anyone interested in subtle energy and the healing modalities associated with that energy. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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