Book of Interest—The Initiatory Path in Fairy Tales

Inner Traditions

Does Mother Goose know something that you don’t?

Some of you already understand that the fairy tales most of us grew up with are very different from the folklore treasures that have been passed down orally from the ancient world. In 1973, Maurice Sendak’s extraordinary drawings brought much acclaim to Lore Segal and Randall Jarrell’s “unedited” translations of a selection of tales from the Grimm brothers, and made readers aware of the raw detail, cruelty, and violence in the original versions of the stories. Simultaneously authors like Marie Louise von Franz (Shadow and Evil in Fairy Tales) were exploring the psychology and wisdom of the archetypes and dynamics contained within authentic folk tales.

Now Bernard Roger, who studied with disciples of famed alchemist Fulcanelli, has scoured the world of folklore and Mother Goose for secrets of the Western Mystery Schools and the hermetic initiations. He has discovered clear parallels between the often quixotic adventures of the hero/heroine in folk tales and the path to enlightenment found in Freemasonry and alchemy. He thoroughly describes the secret wisdom which he perceived in the various quests, challenges, impossible tasks, and riddles found in the fabulous world of fairies and dragons.

Secret wisdom has always been hidden in plain sight during times when it was out of favor. Fairy tales were a perfect repository for the intuitive teachings during the Age of Reason. This is a must-have for every serious student of the great mysteries. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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