Book of Interest—Birch, Oak, and Yew

Do you know what your trees are really up to?

Penny Billington is an active member of the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids. She has written this book to share the joy, excitement, and wonder of experiencing three sacred trees directly. It’s all part of a nature-based spirituality which embraces the physical world and its gifts.

She begins by making it clear that the techniques she is sharing do not rely on calling in external deities or entities. This is inner work which relies on contacting energy within ourselves that resonates with natural energies. She invites us to become a tree and experience its unique powers for ourselves. She is teaching us how to fuel our imaginations so that we can recreate the powerful healing vibrations of these sacred trees within us.

But a whole book about just three trees, you query? Yes, says Billington. It’s called learning by immersion. Did you know that Birch forges the way using anticipation and intent to change? You might already associate Oak with strength, but do you realize that they do that by inhabiting their space completely and nurturing those around them? Are you aware that the Yew uses its distinction to set boundaries and defends those boundaries with poisonous toxins if necessary?

Trees have powerful lifeforce energies and thus have much to teach those who are willing to spend the required time to get to know them. This book is a safe, practical, and intriguing manual for connecting with the power of the natural world. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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