Book of Interest—The Relationship Handbook

What are your partners really saying to you?

Beloved consciousness pioneer Shakti Gawain has partnered with her long time
friend and teaching partner Gina Vucci to make their successful relationship workshop techniques available to readers everywhere.

Combining Gawain’s “Creative Visualization” techniques with Hal and Sidra Stone’s “Voice Dialoguing”, the book helps readers explore the healing power of their personal relationships. Relationships, in the highest sense, mirror our inner selves back to us. They show us hidden parts of our psyche from which we are disconnected. They let us know how we are sabotaging and neglecting (or nurturing) ourselves.

Clearly written, the book guides readers through the process of identifying and talking with hidden aspects of their psyches. There are in-depth discussions of key parts of the inner self, such as The Rule Maker, The Spiritual Pusher, The Perfectionist, The Inner Critic, and The Controller. It’s a valuable tool whether you are in a relationship or looking for that special someone. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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