Book of Interest—The Conscious Wedding Handbook

Sounds True

How will you make your commitment?

Our fast-paced, ever-changing world leaves little room for ritual and ceremony. One of the few ceremonies which still has impact in people’s lives, the wedding, has become more of an “event” than a spiritual ceremony. These authors believe that it is a loss which can be, and needs to be, recovered.

They believe that a wedding ceremony should be a foundation upon which a marriage is built. They have, as partners, developed a system for helping couples to define and deepen their relationship as they prepare for a conscious commitment. This book thoroughly describes that process.

Part One takes couples through an evaluation of every aspect of their partnership, bringing to light those things which have been buried or pushed aside. Part Two moves forward with the information gained to help partners carefully design a ceremony which accurately reflects the commitment they are making to each other as well as the goals which they hold for their future. Part Three covers the change which is inevitable in any relationship. It contains suggestions for releasing vows which no longer suit the relationship, and includes a discussion of how best to acknowledge divorce.

The book makes room for all forms of spirituality, religious or otherwise. It will be a valuable tool for everyone contemplating this serious step. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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