Book of Interest—Sidewalk Oracles

New World Library

How does meaningful coincidence work in your world?

Beginning with an overview of synchronicity which features Carl Jung (along with the Tao, the Orenda, and the Wyrd), this book takes us through an intensive exploration of the underlying connections in the world. Moss tells readers that they can always access this great web of energy and then goes on to explain how.

He gives us twelve rules for developing the skill of attracting “smart luck”. He talks about developing a tolerance for ambiguity, harnessing the raw energy of rage, taking a path of transformation, and looking for the hidden hand. While he teaches us how to recognize the psychic signals in the world around us, he also warns of the danger of taking those signs too seriously.

The book is thorough, written from personal experience, and backed up by research coming from around the globe. He describes it best himself: “The book provides roadside assitance for the conscious traveler in the dream of waking life.” SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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