Book of Interest—Veggie Mama

Hay House

How healthy are vegetables anyway? Really?

According to “Angel Lady” Virtue and raw foods pioneer Ross, they’re as healthy as the current buzz says they are. These successful, health-conscious mothers spell it out in clear, reader-friendly language, with a few simply-designed charts and without any political rants or judgements. They begin the book with their family stories, just to let readers know that they’ve actually fed vegetable-based diets to their own children. It’s not a “you should” book. It’s a “this is what worked for me” book. And it’s inspiring.

In a world of constantly-marketed “nuggets” and “burgers”, labeling a vegan recipe as “family-friendly” will seem like a pipe dream to a lot of modern parents. These two authors, however, deliver what they are promising, with eye-catching photos and lively copy. From “Power-Up Breakfast” through “Go-To Snacks” to “Plant-Powered Entertaining”, this one moves healthy cooking up a notch, with more than 100 exciting plant-based recipes.

My favorite Doreen Virtue book has always been “Constant Craving” which deals with the emotional basis for food cravings. After moving on to the intuitive realms, she now comes full circle, partnering with a raw foods chef, to help readers make the move to healthy eating in a practical and fun way. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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