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What do you want… REALLY?

In a world increasingly filled with spells, rituals, affirmations, success strategies, and laws of attraction, Dorsey speaks with an amazingly rational, clear, and commonsense voice. Commonsense is in no way intended to imply commonplace. In these electronic, data-rich times, commonsense is often exceptional, not expected. Just think about the number of people you know who can’t place themselves spatially in relationship to an ordnary map. Take away their GPS and they are hopelessly lost, like being cut loose in outer space. Dorsey is a voice of reason, connecting to the many layers of reality in which we live, showing us how to take our power back in the material world.

Sexuality is the sub-current which threads the spells in the book together, but it is always elevated, never denigrated, in service to the greater goal/good. As evidence, she begins with loving and respecting ourselves. What do we really want? It’s a question for which she won’t accept a flip, media-generated answer.

Dorsey is a trained anthropologist and uses spells with an historical tradition, or lineage, whenever possible.She brings a multi-cultural experience to these workings. She includes a chapter on good old-fashioned passion/lust and leaves the appropriate context up to the reader. This is followed, quite naturally by chapters on hand-fasting (commonly referred to as marriage) and fertility (love/attraction is after all a by-product of survival of the species). There are also less self-serving spells for other people, other species, and for universal well-being.

There’s something to bring everybody back again and again for new wisdom: Oshun Seduction Salsa Recipe, Powerful Passion Oil, Tantric Treasure Candle, Love Lift Me Crystal Spell, Fool’s Eggs, St. Dymphna Sanity Spell, Wedding Broom Spell, Get Rid of Gossip Oil, and Give Back to the Earth Ritual. In a cluttered field, this is truly a standout — and very easy to read!  SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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