Book of Interest—Voices in the Stones

New World Library

And what can we learn from stones?

This is a book of reflections on thirty years of shared experience. It began as teaching, teaching the children of displaced people (native Americans) whom Nerburn had less in common with than he had with the “newcomers” who had displaced them. He understood that to teach he must first learn. And he began to study the ways of those displaced people and their ancestors. What those people shared with him changed his life.

Nerburn documents his journey through a different culture’s traditions and spirituality with exceptional perception and objectivity. Owning his preexisting biases, he engages in the social structure of their environment (the reservation) as completely as he can.

While the newcomers from whom he came honor only the time of blooming; the displaced ones honor the journey through the seasons. The implications that has for the future of the planet becomes more obvious with each turn of the page. The quotes from revered elders of the displaced ones flow across the pages, filling them with the enlightenment of centuries. “We look to the children to learn what we have forgotten and to the elders to remind us of who we will become.” SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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