Book of Interest—Shamanic Wisdom for Pregnancy and Parenthood

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How do you welcome souls into the world?

The impact parenthood has on an individual’s soul and psyche is often ignored as everyone involved focuses on the physical events and effects of welcoming a new soul into the world. This book highlights a holistic approach to parenting with a special emphasis on the spiritual growth that moves people into fully realizing and embracing the experience.

The Introduction contains a beautiful summary of Shamanic principles. The tone throughout the book is nurturing and respectful rather than dogmatic or invasive. The suggested goal is authenticity, not perfection, and parenting in connection with our spiritual core.

The book is laced with practical activities such as guided meditations and ceremonies to help readers connect directly with the psychospiritual principles being discussed. It also includes lots of personal stories which provide real world examples of the author’s teachings. This is a spectacular resource which anyone involved in the lives of children will find valuable. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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